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Danielle Booking Form & Information

Hello! Thank you for your interest in booking with me. Please read this information before submitting an appointment request with me! 

Flat Rate Pricing

This will be done based specifically on the size of the tattoo, location of the body, subject matter, color or black and grey, detail, etc. Certain locations of the body I will only do on a flat rate basis, depending on what we are tattooing on them. 

Full or Half Day Pricing

I offer a full day, which is $700 for six hours, and a half day, which is $400 for three hours. I do allow you to split the full day with another person, and will only do what is reasonable within this time. This is an ideal option for someone if they are doing much larger scale projects with me, or if you also have a lot of smaller ideas you'd like to get done at once.


If you have a  budget that you are looking to stay in, please do not be afraid to talk with me about your budget. Many times I will just size the tattoo to fit within this  budget, or we can split up the session to accommodate you financially, if it is a realistic budget. 

What I will tattoo vs. what I will not tattoo

Keep in mind that as an artist, we all have different styles that we love, as well as styles we want to stay away from. I love tattooing realism, fine-line, water color and mixed styles, such as neo-realism and nouveau realism. I do not do neotraditional work, traditional work, or geometric work. I will point you to the artists who do this work if you'd like me to. 

As far as areas of the body, I am very particular about tattooing necks, throats, hands and feet and most of the time will not do them, but let's talk about what you're wanting and go from there. 

More Information

Please, if you fill this out, be realistic with your expectation of the time it will take to get back to you and allow at least 7-10 days. From there, once I communicate a price and my scheduling availability, the dates I send will be available for 24 hours, before I will send them to someone else. I do require a $50-100 deposit to book, which is non-refundable. 

I do not typically take walk ins, and when scheduling, my availability is between a month to three months out. If you have something you'd like sooner and it fits within their style, I can point you in the direction of an artist with sooner availability. 

Also, when I book an appointment, I will show you art at the time of the appointment and I do not send artwork beforehand. We can make changes at the time of the appointment. 

Thank you & I look forward to reading your ideas! 

Are you 18 or over? You must be at least 18 to get tattooed
Has Danielle tattooed you before?
Is this a cover up?
Are you wanting to do a full day or half day?
How do you prefer to communicate?
Reference Photo Upload
Reference Photo Upload
Reference Photo Upload

Deposit Policy

We require a $50-$100 deposit depending on the appointment. We will send an invoice to your email for the deposit. This must be paid within two days to secure your spot, unless otherwise agreed upon. If it is not paid within two days, you forfeit your appointment date. The deposit is non-refundable. If you no-show, or cancel your appointment, you lose your deposit. If you give us at least 24 hours notice before rescheduling, we will move your deposit up to two times. 

Do you agree with our Deposit Policy?

Thanks for submitting. Please allow at least 10 business days for a response.

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