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If you live in the area, we do recommend coming in for an in shop consultation first. In shop consults are Monday-Thursday 12pm-5pm! Please note, depending on the artist, we still might require an online submission. 


We only answer submissions twice a week, so please be patient while waiting for a response. Depending on the artist, your response may be forwarded directly to them. 

Please make sure your email address is correct, or we will not be able to respond. 


Filling out this form doesn't guarantee you an appointment with one of our artists. 


If you submit for a certain artist and we feel another artist in our shop would be better for the subject matter, we will schedule you with them instead. 


A $50-100 deposit will be required to make an appointment. 


Full Day: Our updated full day pricing is $700 (6 hours)
- The full day can be split by two people, but must be completed within that day.-

Half Day: $400 (3 hours) 

- The half day cannot be split, is for one person and must be completed within that day. -

Per piece: Each piece will be individually priced based on detail, color or B&G, size, area on the body, etc. 

A $50-100 deposit will be required to make an appointment. 


Please note that if you have a coverup, we cannot guarantee that this will be done within the day and we may charge per piece for this.


To schedule a touch up or your remaining time, please click here.

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Deposit Policy

We require a $50-$100 deposit depending on the appointment. We will send an invoice to your email for the deposit. This must be paid within two days to secure your spot, unless otherwise agreed upon. If it is not paid within two days, you forfeit your appointment date. The deposit is non-refundable. If you no-show, or cancel your appointment, you lose your deposit. If you give us at least 24 hours notice before rescheduling, we will move your deposit up to two times. 

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Thanks for submitting. Please allow at least 10 business days for a response.